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ExinOne Service Agreement

This Agreement was last amended on: October 29, 2020

EXINONE CO.,LIMITED is a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Seychelles ("ExinOne" or "we"). This User Service Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into by and between you, the User, and EXINONE CO., LIMITED.

This Agreement is an agreement between you and EXINONE CO.,LIMITED, a service provider, regarding your rights and obligations in connection with the use of any of the services provided by ExinOne, the ExinOne API, and ExinOne CO.,LIMITED. Please acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accept all of the terms contained herein and the Privacy Policy incorporated into the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and as this agreement is legally binding, please read it carefully before using our services. By registering to access and use ExinOne, you agree to all of the terms of this Agreement, and if you have any objections, please keep your account locked (for existing users) and stop using ExinOne.

This Agreement may be updated by EXINONE CO.,LIMITED at any time, and modifications will be effective immediately and without further notice upon posting. If you do not accept the modified terms and conditions after ExinOne has posted them, please stop using ExinOne immediately and your continued use will be deemed acceptance of the modified terms and conditions. This Agreement is entered into in the Republic of Seychelles.

You understand and are aware that digital tokens in the digital token space may entail significant risks such as non-cashability and technical instability due to the fact that laws and regulations and policies in the digital token space are not yet in place. You also understand that the price of digital tokens is much more volatile than other financial assets. We caution that you should choose to hold or dispose of any digital token in a manner that is reasonable in light of your financial situation and risk appetite. You also understand that ExinOne's quote viewing feature is only a search result that captures digital token exchange rate information from select exchanges and does not represent the most current quote or the best available quote. You are solely responsible for any consequences of your use of ExinOne and any actions taken on ExinOne. In addition to this notice, your use of ExinOne indicates that you have read and accepted the relevant Risk Disclosure Statement.

Applicable Conditions.

Please confirm that you shall be a natural person, legal entity or other organization with full civil capacity and full civil capacity at the time you complete the registration process or actually use the ExinOne Services in any other manner permitted by ExinOne, and that if you do not have such subject matter, you and your guardian shall be responsible for all consequences resulting therefrom and ExinOne shall have the right to cancel or permanently freeze ExinOne has the right to cancel or permanently freeze your account and to claim compensation from you and your guardian.

Disabling Conditions.

In accessing and using ExinOne and its related services, you are required to ensure that you are not on any trade or economic sanctions lists, such as UN Security Council sanctions and any other such lists. ExinOne reserves the right to select the markets and jurisdictions it serves, and may restrict or refuse service to certain specific countries. Nothing in this Agreement shall be excluded from the laws of the country in which the User is located: Anyone located in countries such as Belarus, Congo, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Crimea, Malaysia, Ontario, the United States and its territories (including American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands) is prohibited from using the Services offered by this website. and ExinOne may prohibit blacklisted Users from using any of the Services in connection with ExinOne.

General Provisions

I. Registration

1.1. All users are required to register for an account before using ExinOne, which requires your cell phone number, verification code and password, and acceptance of the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy Agreement. Under certain conditions, ExinOne reserves the right to refuse to open an account for you.

1.2. It should be stated that the services provided by ExinOne are based on the Mixin public chain, and the transaction password set at the time of registration cannot be recovered if lost. ExinOne will remind users to enter their transaction passwords from time to time according to the frequency of login and use to prevent forgetting, but ExinOne will not be responsible for any loss caused by the loss of the password.

II. User Identity Verification

2.1. By registering an account with ExinOne, you agree to share all personal information with the platform for identity verification purposes. This information is used on the ExinOne platform to detect money laundering, illegal transactions, fraud and other financial crimes. In addition, in order to comply with global industry data retention standards, you agree to our retention of this information for the duration of your account and for five years after account closure. To protect the security of your account, and to protect the platform from criminal financial fraud, you will, by default, simultaneously authorize us to verify the information either directly or through third party inquiries.

2.2. Information collected during identity verification includes but is not limited to: name, email address, phone number, user name, ID card, etc.. When providing information, please ensure the authenticity and accuracy. After successful registration, please update your personal information in real time to ensure its authenticity and validity. If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the information you have provided is incorrect, untrue, outdated or incomplete, ExinOne reserves the right to notify you to correct or simply delete the relevant information and, as the case may be, terminate some or all of your activities with ExinOne. If we are unable to locate you through the contact information you have provided, you are solely responsible for any losses or expenses incurred during the use of ExinOne services. You are responsible for ensuring that all information is current and valid.

III. Account Usage Requirements

After successful registration, the platform will give each user an ExinOne ID and the account will be owned by the company, and the user will get the right to use the account after completing the registration procedure. The right to use the account belongs to the initial registrant only, and any form of transfer, including but not limited to giving, borrowing, renting, transferring or selling, is prohibited. The user assumes responsibility for the safekeeping of the wallet, account and password, and is fully responsible for all activities under his or her account and password (whether or not done by or with the authorization of the user). If the user finds that the account has been illegally used by others, he/she should immediately notify the platform, and the user shall be responsible for all liabilities arising from the illegal use of the account and password by others due to hacking or the user's negligence in storage. If this causes losses to the Company, the user agrees to compensate the Company for all losses. IV. Account Security

4.1. ExinOne gives priority to maintaining the security of customer funds and takes industry standard protection measures for the platform. However, the actions of individual users may also cause account risks. You shall properly and reasonably use and keep your account and password on the ExinOne platform, including but not limited to the security of your login password, funds password, cell phone number bound during registration, and cell phone verification code received, and you shall be fully responsible for any operations and consequences related to all the above passwords. When you find that the password or private information related to your account is used by unauthorized third parties or there are other security risks, you should immediately and effectively notify the platform and request the platform to suspend the service of the corresponding account. The platform will respond to your request within a reasonable time, but the platform will not bear any responsibility for the consequences (including but not limited to your loss) that have occurred before taking action.

4.2. The platform account belongs to and only belongs to the registered user himself. Without the written consent of the platform, the platform account shall not be given, borrowed, rented, transferred or otherwise handed over to others for use, and the platform shall not be responsible for any consequences arising therefrom.

V. Dispute Resolution

ExinOne reserves the right to resolve disputes. This includes dealing with issues such as infringement of the rights of others, violation of laws and regulations, unusual transactions and other related issues not explicitly mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. The user agrees to bear the costs incurred in the resolution process.

VI. ExinOne Service Rules

You undertake to comply with the following service rules of this website.

All activities during the use of ExinOne services comply with the requirements of laws and regulations, ensure the legality of the source of all assets in the account, and not to engage in activities on this website or using the services provided by the website that are illegal or harmful to the interests of the platform or third parties, such as sending or receiving any information that is illegal, irregular, or infringes on the rights and interests of others, sending or receiving marketing materials or information or statements that are otherwise harmful, using or falsifying the email header information on this website without the authorization of the platform, etc.

You agree to be responsible for all activities that occur under your account on this website (including but not limited to disclosing information, posting information, clicking online to agree or submit to various rules agreements, renewing agreements and purchasing services, etc.).

You shall not maliciously interfere with the normal conduct of digital asset transactions or disrupt the order of transactions when trading digital assets on this platform; you shall not interfere with the normal operation of this website or interfere with the use of website services by other users by any technical means or otherwise; you shall not make unreasonable data loading requests that cause overloading of network equipment without the permission of the platform; you shall not maliciously defame the goodwill of this platform by means of fictitious facts; for the above acts, the platform has the right to claim compensation from you and reserves the right to pursue your legal responsibility.

In the process of using the services provided by this website, the taxable expenses incurred by you, as well as all hardware, software, services and other aspects of the costs shall be judged and borne by you alone.

You shall comply with the Agreement and other terms of service and operating rules published and updated by the Platform from time to time, and you have the right to terminate the use of the services provided by the Site at any time in case of doubt and disapproval.

You agree to authorize the provision of wallet flow records such as Mixin to the Platform, which will be used for monitoring by the risk control system to determine whether the user is involved in illegal acts such as money laundering, money exchange, fraud, gambling, etc.

All services of ExinOne will be used only to serve the users of the Mixin ecosystem. If the user's usage behavior triggers the risk control of the platform system, he/she may be required to complete advanced authentication, video authentication, etc. If he/she is unable to do so, his/her account may be restricted from trading, blocked, etc.

VII. Service Fees

ExinOne reserves the right to impose service fees on users, and ExinOne reserves the right to adjust the price of service fees charged to users. Notifications of price adjustments will be posted on the announcement page of the website. VIII. features of Live Money

8.1. Call Money is a coin value-added product with low risk and stable return, and can be deposited and withdrawn at any time. The service is provided by EXINONE LIMITED, and the ExinOne platform supervises and controls it.

8.2. Rate Description

The current demand finance service provided by LivePay is fixed rate, with daily interest rate ranging from 0.004% - 0.01%, the return of each currency is different, please refer to the service page for details.

For all successfully transferred digital currencies, the confirmation of shares will start from T+1 and the payment of earnings from T+2.

the interest of CallPay is issued to the user's Mixin wallet or ExinPay wallet.

Although the yield of each coin is fixed, ExinOne will adjust the yield of the corresponding coin from time to time according to the market fluctuation, please refer to the announcement for the specific adjustment, ExinOne has the final right to interpret the yield of each coin.

8.3. Withdrawal Rules

Withdraw as you go, T+0 to the account.

In case of large withdrawals, if the pool is insufficient, it will be delayed, and the time of arrival may take 0.5-6h depending on the coin, and in case of suspension of coin withdrawal such as exchange upgrade maintenance, the delayed arrival time may be increased.

8.4. Risk avoidance

The assets of Call Money will be used for the node business of ExinOne platform, the value-added business of digital assets of third-party platforms, and the lending business, etc.

ExinOne will reserve the right to suspend and terminate the CallPayment service, and the ExinOne platform can suspend and terminate the CallPayment service at any time when necessary.

The User agrees that all investment operations made at ExinOne represent his/her true investment intentions and unconditionally accepts the potential risks and rewards associated with investment decisions.

The User shall comply with relevant national laws and ensure the legal and compliant origin of assets when using the CallPay service.

Due to network delays, computer system failures, third party platforms not being able to deliver properly and other possible force majeure factors, which may lead to delays, suspensions, discontinuance or deviations in the execution of the CallPay service, the ExinOne platform will endeavor to ensure, but not promise, the stability and effectiveness of the operation of the execution system of the CallPay service, but ExinOne shall not be responsible for any final execution results of the CallPay service that are different from the client's expectations due to the above factors.

IX.Terms of Service

ExinOne will not provide any written warranty as to the reliability, stability, accuracy and completeness of the technology related to the services provided. ExinOne has no control over the quality, safety and legality of the digital currency traded, the authenticity of the information or the ability of the parties to comply with the rules. Therefore, before using the Services, you must carefully consider the risks of your investment and the legitimacy and validity of your trading information and investment decisions.

You agree to undertake not to use any of Exin's businesses to engage in any illegal acts such as money laundering, fraud, money trading, money exchange, or any transactions for the purpose of money laundering, fraud, money trading, money exchange, etc. You agree that ExinOne will not be liable for any losses or liabilities arising therefrom.

X. Scope of Liability

You agree that ExinOne will not be liable for losses arising from any of the following events, including but not limited to Use of the ExinOne Services or failure to use the ExinOne Services.

Unauthorized use of your account or unauthorized changes to your data by third parties.

Misunderstanding of the ExinOne Services.

Any other damages arising out of services not directly related to ExinOne. ExinOne is not responsible for losses resulting from service failures or delays due to regular network maintenance, power failures, natural disasters, weather, accidents, war and other causes beyond its control or external factors such as third party service providers.

XI. Compensation

11.1. If there is a violation of this Agreement, or if you violate relevant laws, regulations or the rights of third parties during the use of ExinOne services. You agree to indemnify the ExinOne Platform and its related service providers for at least $2,000,000 and bear all costs arising therefrom, including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees, fines imposed by regulatory agencies, etc., which shall be made up if not sufficient to cover actual damages.

11.2. In no event will our liability to you for direct damages exceed the total charges incurred by you for a period of three months from the use of the services on the Site.

XII. Notice

Please note that all official announcements of ExinOne, news, events and airdrop projects will be announced in the ExinOne Bot. Please check it in time, ExinOne will not be responsible or compensate for any damages caused by the user's failure to check the official notice in time.

We will not be responsible for any losses caused by third-party platforms that privately include ExinOne team as partners without the consent of ExinOne team, and will not exclude the use of legal means to defend rights when necessary.

XIII.Termination of Agreement

You agree that we have the right to immediately suspend your personal account or other related accounts, to freeze or lock all funds in the related accounts, and to suspend your access to ExinOne if we suspect that you have violated the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy, the AML/CTF Act or any related laws and regulations, and that ExinOne has the right to retain and use transaction data and all information related to such accounts. ExinOne reserves the right to retain and use transaction data and all information related to such accounts. The following also applies:

The account is subject to a criminal investigation or other pending litigation.

Unusual activity in the account is detected.

Unauthorized access to the account is detected.

Receipt of an order from a court or regulatory/government agency.

ExinOne has the right to cancel your account and permanently freeze your access to your ExinOne account if.

After ExinOne has terminated its services to you.

You directly or indirectly re-register for an ExinOne account in the name of any other person.

The content of the User Information provided by You is untrue, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete.