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About Mixin

Q: What is the relationship between ExinOne and Mixin?

A: You can compare Mixin Messenger to Telegram. ExinOne is a small application (BOT) inside it. Similar BOTs are ExinPool, MixSwap, MixPay, etc. The Exin team is an early development team of the Mixin ecosystem, running some products independently.

Q: Is Mixin secure?

A: Mixin Wallet is fully open source and currently manages over a billion dollars in assets on the Mixin Network and has never had any incidents to date. The above is some information. You need to make your own judgment as to whether it is safe or not.

About ExinOne

Q:How to switch language & Quotation

A:Click on the avatar in the upper left corner of ExinOne to see the corresponding adjustment settings.

About Markets

Q: Where are the prices on the quotes page sourced from?

A: It is taken from the quotes website

Q: Why are there coins in the ticker that cannot be traded?

A: ExinOne will support more tokens trading. If you want to trade a particular token, you can contact us.

Q:How do I delete my account from ExinOne?

A: ExinOne does not support deletion. Deleting Mixin is equivalent to logging out of ExinOne.

About Trades

Q: What's the difference between Swap and Spot?

A: Swap can use any coin to trade any coin and support some coins that are not supported by coin trading. The coin page shows the trading pairs supported by the exchange and supports pending orders.

Q: How many orders can I hang at most?

A: Currently, you can hang 50 orders, and the pending orders will be automatically canceled if they are not entirely filled for 90 days.

Q: Can BOX and XIN be supported for limit orders?

A: Currently not supported, will be supported in the future. Please pay attention to relevant announcements.

About Auto Invest

Q: Why is the Auto Invest data still displayed after all plans are deleted?

A: The data will be cached for one hour, and the data will be updated after one hour.

Q: Where can I get the task rewards of fixed investment?

A: You can get it from "Task Center" on the ExinOne home page.

Q: What are the fees for AutoInvest

A: There is no fee for the AutoInvest itself, the fee you see is for the swap fee.