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Small Amount Withdraw

ExinOne has now launched the "Small amount withdrawals" service, which is designed to help you save some costs when withdrawing tokens from the chain, and currently supports the following tokens:


ExinOne will continue to provide Small amount withdrawal service for more tokens, the tokens under planning are:


BTC - Lightning Network (Deposit & Withdraw)

Through the "Small Amount withdrawal" feature you can withdraw coins with a lower withdrawal fee, the current standard of "Small" is about less than $1000, the actual results please refer to the page display.

How to use?

  1. Mixin search Bot ID: 7000101276 Add to use it


  1. On ExinOne's wallet page, find the tokens that support Small Amount withdrawal, and select "Withdraw" to see the Small Amount withdrawal option.


Please note: If you need to withdraw a large amount of coins, this feature may not be able to meet your needs, so we recommend that you make a comparison before using it and choose the right option for you.