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Why Does the Regular Investment Data on ExinOne Differ from the Data in My Wallet?

ExinOne's regular investment process involves you actively or passively (by depositing assets into an auto-investment account) investing in one or several tokens. After the investment is complete, ExinOne may transfer the assets you've received from your investment into two accounts:

  • Mixin wallet
  • Trading account

Additionally, ExinOne records the value of the assets you invested at the time of investment, the quantity of assets received, and over time, records the return on investment (ROI) — this ROI is calculated under the assumption that you have not sold the assets you invested in.

If you sold some tokens after investing, ExinOne cannot track this quantity. If you acquire some extra tokens through other channels, such as token-to-token trades or earnings from financial products, these tokens will not be included in the regular investment data.

Therefore, the ROI of regular investments is calculated under the assumption that you continually hold the assets you've invested in.

So, why does the quantity of tokens in your wallet not match the quantity from your investments?

As mentioned earlier, the possible reasons include:

  1. The tokens were sold.
  2. The tokens were transferred elsewhere.
  3. The tokens were not migrated from an old system.

If you invested before January 1, 2024, it's recommended to check your assets through the old system's Mixin wallet by following these steps:

  1. Check which tokens you historically invested in, such as BOX.
  2. Use the search robot: 7000101500, to view your BOX transaction history.
  3. The notation "+ xxx" indicates how much you received, for example, the image below shows that on December 10, 2023, ExinOne transferred 1 EPC to me.

(An example image is referenced here; in the actual text, this would be described or shown as needed.)

  1. You can determine the source of the transfer as ExinOne by the icon shown in the image.
  2. By checking the transaction history of the token, you can track the transfer record of your assets and thus determine their usage.
    • If it shows "-xxx BOX to ExinOne," it's likely that the BOX tokens were sold.
    • If you received BOX tokens frequently in addition to "-xxx BOX," it's possible that you used BOX for financial investments.
    • You might also have transferred BOX to a friend or sold it through platforms like TIGA.
  3. It's also worth mentioning that if you use BOX for financial investments, these assets will not show up in your Mixin wallet. You would need to check the corresponding product to view these assets.