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EPC User Use Agreement

Dear User.

Welcome to the ExinOne Platform Credits EPC User Use Agreement!

In order to use the EPC service (referred to as: the Service), you should read and comply with the EPC User Use Agreement (referred to as: the Agreement). Please be sure to read carefully and fully understand the content of each clause, especially the corresponding clauses that exclude or limit liability, as well as the separate rules for opening or using a service, and choose whether to accept it or not.

You are not authorized to use the Service unless you have read and accepted all of the terms of this Agreement. You shall be deemed to have read and agreed to be bound by this Agreement by any application for opening, upgrading or closing of the Service and any use of the Service such as logging in and viewing.

I. Scope of Agreement

1.1 This Agreement is an agreement between you and the Platform regarding your use of the EPC Services.

1.2 This agreement is subordinate to the user agreement of the platform. When you click the "Read and Agree" button, it means that you have entirely accepted all the terms and conditions, including the user agreement of the platform, this agreement, and all kinds of rules, statements, and instructions that have been issued or may be issued by the platform in the future. The content of this agreement also includes the relevant agreements and business rules about the service that may be released by the platform from time to time. Once the above-mentioned contents are officially released, they are an integral part of this agreement and you shall also comply with them. If the content is not agreed in this agreement, refer to the content of the user agreement.

II. About the service content

2.1 The EPC feature service refers explicitly to the platform fee that is deducted from the user's EPC account by default when the user uses the trading feature of the ExinOne platform, and the EPC will not be deducted when the balance of the EPC account is insufficient.

2.2 The main purpose of the EPC is to offset the fees when users use the platform features. All EPCs are activity rewards, not for sale, and do not provide a transaction portal, so the platform does not promise to buy back. The platform is not responsible for the loss of user EPCs if the company closes down due to poor operation and other problems.

2.3 Users shall not use any improper means to obtain EPC for other purposes, and the ExinOne platform has the right to block their accounts if necessary.

2.4 The content and specific rules of use of the above services may be optimized and adjusted at any time according to the needs of users. In case of adjustment and change, the official announcement on the relevant service page of the platform shall prevail. 2.5 ExinOne platform has the final right to interpret the rules and terms of the service.

If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact your account manager.

Thank you for your support to ExinOne!

ExinOne Team