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Auto Invest

Q: What is "AutoInvesting"?

A: To ensure that your investment plan can be automatically executed without manual intervention, ExinOne has introduced the "AutoInvest" feature. Once activated, if the investment assets in your "AutoInvest Account" or "Savings" exceed the current investment amount, the investment will be made automatically, eliminating the need for manual processing.

Q: How do I turn off "AutoInvesting"?

A: You can turn off the "AutoInvesting" switch on the details page of the investment plan you wish to close.

Q: Which accounts support "AutoInvesting", and what is the deduction order?

A: "AutoInvest Account" is deducted first, followed by "Savings". Only these two accounts support deductions, and the assets of the two accounts cannot be stacked for the deduction.

Q: Can I complete the investment if the total assets in my two accounts are enough for investment, but each account alone is not enough?

A: The assets of the two accounts cannot be stacked for the deduction. To complete the investment, you need to consolidate the assets in the two accounts for investment payment.

Q: What is the "AutoInvest Account"?

A: The "AutoInvest Account" is a dedicated account for automatic investment.

Q: How can I confirm that the assets are exclusively used and will not be moved?

A: The "AutoInvest Account" provides an access token to the holding account, which allows you to query the current holdings in real time through the Mixin Network browser. The assets of this account will not be misappropriated except for the automatic deduction by the "AutoInvesting" feature.

Q: Does the "AutoInvest Account" have financial benefits?

A: The "AutoInvest Account" is not a financial account and does not offer any financial benefits. For financial benefits, you can use "Savings" or other investment products.