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Trading Account

The Trading Acct. is an account provided by ExinOne to its users, where they can deposit tokens to gain certain benefits. At the same time, a liquidity pool is a trading account that provides users with services for trading tokens listed on major exchanges.

Benefits of the Trading Acct.

Users can deposit tokens into the liquidity pool, and if they are in the top ten, they can receive rewards based on their ranking. After depositing tokens into the pool, users will receive asset points in sync, and ExinOne will airdrop fee points based on users' asset point holdings daily. Users can also use ExinOne's "loans" feature to borrow USDT corresponding to their asset points from ExinOne.

Introduction of Trading Acct.

ExinOne provides services for trading tokens listed on major exchanges for Mixin users. For mainstream coins with good liquidity, users can buy them into their Mixin wallet.

However, for some tokens with lower trading volumes, ExinOne cannot provide a feature to buy these tokens into Mixin wallet, but only supports trading. In other words, users can freely trade these tokens, which will be credited to the Trading Acct.

The tokens obtained from trading are mainly stored in exchange for users to trade at any time. ExinOne will provide more token trading features in the future and will always pay attention to the liquidity of relevant tokens. When the liquidity is sufficient, withdrawals from the Trading Account will be allowed, meaning that the tokens can be withdrawn and stored in the Mixin wallet.

Some tokens may be involved in contract swaps, fork airdrops, etc. However, Mixin Wallet does not support such events, and the trading account supports the relevant contract swaps & airdrops, which do not require any action on your part.

Other notes:

The Trading Acct. is not a financial account with no currency-based returns, but there will be rewards in the form of fee points. Tokens in the liquidity pool will be stored in Mixin and exchanges. Some tokens are stored in multi-signature wallets for security reasons and will not be consumed. Liquidity pool data is not updated in real-time, it is updated every five minutes.

If the data is not accurate, please be patient. Some tokens have multiple versions, and the Trading Account only supports one. If you hold a token that cannot be transferred to the liquidity pool, please check which version the Trading Account supports and exchange it through ExinOne's swap feature before depositing.


Q: Is the Trading Acct. safe?

A: Tokens in the Trading Acct. are stored in Mixin, exchanges, and multi-signature wallets and will not be used for other purposes. ExinOne has many measures to ensure the safety of assets in the Trading Acct.

Please note: For liquidity reasons, only some or all of the tokens credited to the trading account are stored on the relevant exchange. Please note the exchange risk.

Q: What are fee points?

A: EPC is ExinOne's fee point card. By depositing EPC into the EPC account in the top left corner of ExinOne's avatar, users can deduct transaction fees on ExinOne. 100 EPC can offset a $1 transaction fee.


Q: What is the difference between a Mixin wallet and a trading account?

A: Mixin wallet is a decentralized wallet that needs to be managed by you using a 6-digit PIN, and a trading account is a centralized account managed by ExinOne on your behalf and designed to provide the appropriate services.

Q: Where are tokens that cannot be withdrawn to the Mixin wallet and can only be traded stored?

A: They are stored in exchanges for users to trade at any time and will not be used for other purposes.

Q: Why can't coins that are only credited to the Trading Acct. be withdrawn to the Mixin wallet?

A: The tokens users purchase are mainly stored in exchanges, and only a few related assets are in Mixin. The cost will be very high if users withdraw funds from the exchange every time they trade. Each on-chain transfer costs about $5 and confirmation time on-chain is also very long, seriously affecting the user's trading experience.

Q: What are the rules for adjusting the credited wallet and how do I determine if there is sufficient liquidity?

A: ExinOne will adjust the credited wallet based on whether the current token is able to maintain the liquidity of the transaction. If it can support normal transactions, the credited wallet will not be restricted; if it cannot support smooth transactions, the transaction will be restricted to only support credited to the trading account. It is important to note that even if assets are only credited to a trading account, your assets are safe and secure and may be held on the exchange for you to trade and sell at any time, and ExinOne is committed to ensuring that your assets are not used for other purposes.

Q: Didn't you say you have enough assets, why sometimes the coins can't be traded and sold?

A: Due to ExinOne's business model, the relevant assets may not all be on the exchange, if some of the assets are in Mixin, when you have a large transaction, there may be a situation that the exchange liquidity is not enough, at this time ExinOne will supplement the liquidity by borrowing coins from the exchange/transferring You can wait patiently and try again later.