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Savings is a digital currency value-added service launched by ExinOne. It is a product with low risk, stable income, and allows for flexible withdrawals.

Regarding the uses of Savings for financial management:

  • USDT is used for the platform's lending business, and each lending transaction has excess asset collateral, so there is no need to worry about insufficient collateral or other risks.
  • XIN is used for Mixin Network's node operation, and the node currency is collateralized to the main network, ensuring asset safety and reliability.
  • EOS is used for node voting, and the assets do not need to be moved. The corresponding node rewards are obtained only through voting, ensuring asset safety and reliability.

Other Information

  • Savings is a demand deposit account and will not be locked up, allowing for flexible withdrawals.
  • The interest rate for the savings account is fixed, but may be adjusted based on market fluctuations. Please refer to the corresponding page for the latest information.
  • The savings account also supports automated regular investment plans, which can be set up for automatic deductions.

If you have any further questions, please message the ExinOne bot directly.