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New User's Guide

Are you new to Mixin and ExinOne and still have no idea about this product at all?

Don't worry. Please follow along with this article. You will have some basic knowledge about this product. Start now~!

Basic Information

The relationship between Mixin and ExinOne.

You can compare Mixin Messenger to Telegram. ExinOne is a small application (BOT) inside it. Similar BOTs are ExinPool, MixSwap, MixPay, etc. The Exin team is an early development team of the Mixin ecosystem, running some products independently.

You can find More Faqs in [FAQs](... /

How to use the bot

As shown below, please click on the "🐽" next to the chat box to use it:


How can I get more information about Mixin, ExinOne?

You can get more information from Mixin's official website.

For an introduction to ExinOne, you can visit this site

If you are a developer, you can check out the development documentation

How to contact the official staff

ExinOne robot itself is a customer service system. You can directly leave a message to it, and the staff will respond to you after seeing the message. If you encounter problems, we recommend combining the relevant screenshots and sending them to ExinOne so that we can confirm the problem faster and give you the appropriate answer.

Guidelines for use

Creating a wallet

At the bottom of the homepage, there is a wallet entrance. The first time you click on it, you need to set a 6-digit password, please remember this password.


If you can't find this button, you can click this link to trigger the transfer operation and set the password.

❗️ Please note: This link is only used to help you retrieve your password. Please Don't transfer money to this link, otherwise, you will lose the assets you transferred and cannot retrieve them.

Please keep this password in mind, it cannot be recovered if you lose it.

Features of ExinOne

ExinOne provides Swaps, trading (Spot & Limit orders), investment, Savings, borrowing, wallet, etc. You can choose the relevant features and services according to your needs.


EPC is ExinOne's fee point card. In the process of your use of ExinOne.

For the sake of system security, you will be asked to pay a little bit of EPC for authentication, in your first registration to use ExinOne, ExinOne will send you 1 EPC to your Mixin wallet.

Please make sure you have a small amount of EPC in your Mixin Wallet to ensure that you can use ExinOne services smoothly.

You can get some through the bot 7000105001 if you don't have any EPC. For more information on how to get EPC, check out EPC.

More info

Join the community

Welcome to join Exin English group.

If you want to know more about ExinOne, please refer to this documentation.