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Detailed Description of BOX Trading

Dear users.

BOX is an ETF designed and issued by Li Xiaolai, which is converted from BTC, ETH, EOS, DOT, MOB, XIN, and UNI according to a fixed ratio, and at present, the transactions related to BOX conducted by users in ExinOne are bought/sold by ExinOne platform agents.

It is important to note that.

  • ExinOne is only a proxy platform for BOX. All purchase and redemption rules are subject to the description on the official website of the BOX project.
  • ExinOne has no interest in the BOX project.
  • ExinOne platform does not promise to provide subscription and redemption services permanently. ExinOne has the right to terminate the provision of BOX proxy trading services at any time. The final interpretation right belongs to the ExinOne team!

By using the BOX trading service of the ExinOne platform, users will be deemed to have fully read, understood, and accepted the above statement by default.

If you do not agree or have questions about the above statement, please suspend your use of the BOX trading service on the platform.

Thank you for your support of the ExinOne team!