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Welcome to ExinOne 👏!

If you are just starting out with ExinOne, it is highly recommended that you first read the New User Guides, which contains some basic information about the introduction.

What is ExinOne​

ExinOne is a bot developed by the Exin team on Mixin Messenger to provide privacy and secure cryptocurrency trading-related services for Mixin users, a one-stop digital asset and financial services platform.

ExinOne offers the following services:

  • Markets: ExinOne allows you to view information about cryptocurrency markets and set price alerts;

  • Trading: ExinOne aggregates the mainstream exchanges and synchronizes the trading depth of the exchanges, so you don't need to register for a separate exchange account and enjoy the trading depth of the exchanges in a safe and private way without KYC, and ExinOne supports three trading modes at present:

    • Swap: you can trade any coin with any currency. ExinOne will automatically choose the best trading route for you;

    • Spot & Limit orders: You can connect to the exchange to trade, either at the market price or at a limit price.

    • Auto Invest: You can make single or multi-currency Invest through ExinOne;

    • ExinOne will provide more strategy trading functions in the future. Please look forward to it.

  • Savings: ExinOne's "Savings" feature provides you with some assets for wealth management services. Currently supported assets are:

    • USDT, XIN, EOS.
  • Loans: ExinOne provides a pledge lending service. You can pledge your own assets to get the lending quota and lend USDT-TRC20.

  • Wallet: ExinOne integrates the Mixin Wallet function, which allows you to inquire and operate your Mixin Wallet assets within ExinOne.

Introduction of Features​


ExinOne's "Home" page displays market information for the supported tokens, with price data from the connected exchanges.

Prices can be calculated in two ways, adjustable through the "Pricing Method" within the user avatar on the top left corner of the ExinOne homepage.

The "Market" page displays the top 300 tokens on Coingecko and tokens supported by ExinOne for trading. You can "favourite" the tokens you are interested in and set price alerts, and if the relevant token is tradable, you can choose swap, spot trading, place orders, or auto invest plan.


ExinOne aggregates Binance, OKX, Bybit, Gateio, BigONE, and MixSwap exchanges, allowing you to trade tokens from these exchanges without registration or KYC, ensuring privacy and security. ExinOne offers three trading modes: Swap, Spot Trading, and limit Orders.

❗ī¸ Special Note: Digital asset prices are subject to high market risk and price volatility. The value of your investment may fluctuate and you may lose the amount invested. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions and ExinOne is not liable for any losses that may arise.

ExinOne will gradually support all the tokens of the above listed exchanges, if you want to trade a certain token but it is not currently supported by ExinOne, you are welcome to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


You can use the "Swap" feature to exchange any coin for any other coin, and ExinOne will automatically choose the appropriate trading path for you. If the Instant Swap feature does not have the token you want to trade, please message the ExinOne bot, and we will evaluate and inform you if we can support it.

Spot Trading & Limit Orders

Spot trading uses the depth of the connected exchanges, and you can perform market price and limit price trading through the Spot Trading page.

Auto Invest Plan

ExinOne supports creating your investment portfolio for periodic fixed investments. Deposit USDT in advance into the "AutoInvest Account" and "Savings" to make investments according to the rules when the balance is sufficient.


ExinOne offers collateralized borrowing services. Pledge assets in the trading account to obtain a borrowing limit, and you can borrow funds. The borrowing period is 365 days, and you can repay anytime. Please avoid overdue payments, control the collateralization rate, and avoid liquidation risks.


On the page of each token of Savings, the purpose of financial management is explicitly stated, and ExinOne will not trust its assets to other platforms other than Mixin, which is more secure, but high security does not mean no risk, so please make your decision carefully.

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Account Description​

Trading Account​

  • Depositing assets in your trading account will earn you a certain amount of EPC rewards;

  • Storing assets in your trading account will allow you to receive a debit amount to lend USDT to ExinOne. However, please note that when you lend USDT, your assets in your trading account may not be traded, so please return part of the debit first before trading;

  • Some of the trading pairs are connected to exchanges, and the assets are kept in the trading account.

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Delegated Account​

Used to display the asset information locked when you use limit orders, strategy trading, and other features, the delegated account only displays the assets. Please complete the specific operation through the corresponding feature module.

Feature Module Introduction​

Trading Account: The trading account is an account provided by ExinOne for Mixin users to trade tokens from various exchanges within Mixin directly.

Savings: This feature offers token current wealth management services. USDT and pUSD deposited in Current Treasure can also be used for Auto investment plan payments.

Delegated Account: The tokens you place as orders will be held in this account. Once the order is completed (including cancellation), your entrusted assets will be returned to your payment account.


EPC is ExinOne's commission point card, which can be used to offset the transaction fee of trading on ExinOne.

You can get EPC by pledging assets, doing tasks, etc. Deposit EPC into your EPC account at the top-left corner of ExinOne's homepage under your avatar, and they will be automatically deducted from the handling fee.

For some features, such as borrowing coins and trading accounts, you need to pay a small amount of EPC for authentication to ensure the safety of your assets.

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Contact Us​

  • ExinOne robot itself is a customer service system, if you have any questions, you can directly send a message to the ExinOne robot, you can send the relevant screenshots/recordings, we will reply to you as soon as possible after receiving the message;

  • You can also contact your account manager for 1 to 1 service;

  • Welcome to join Exin English group.